Tuesday (04.09.2012)

Arrival (for participants of pre-conference field trip): organized transfer from Brescia (train station),  Milano+Bergamo (airports)


Wednesday (05.09.2012)

Pre-conference field trip: Permian magmatism and basin formation, (surroundings of Bagolino – max. 40 participants)

Arrival: organized transfer from Brescia (train station),  Milano+Bergamo (airports)

Ice breaker


Thursday – Saturday (06.-08.09.2012)

Keynote speakers:

Tom Sisson, USGS

Blair Schoene, Princeton University

Drew Coleman, University of North Carolina

Barbara Dutrow, Louisiana State University

Jon Blundy, University of Bristol

Josef Dufek, Georgia Tech


Oral sessions:       8:30 – 16:00

Poster sessions: 16:30 – 18:00

Golden Spike visit in Bagolino – Middle Triassic tephra sequences: Friday (17:00 – 19:00)

Conference dinner: Saturday evening


Sunday – Wednesday (09.-12.09.2012)

Post-conference field trips to the Adamello batholith (Alpine terrain – max. 66 participants):

Focus on magmatism: Lago della Vacca / Blumone / Frerone / Valle di Daone / Forcel Rosso (Rifugio Tita Secchi)

Focus on border geometry and contact metamorphism: Val di Saviore / Forcel Rosso / Valle di Daone / Lago della Vacca (Rifugio Lissone)


Thursday (13.09.2012)

Departure: organized transfer to Brescia (train station),  Milano+Bergamo (airports)


Conference fee (all inclusive, without lunch and travel to Italy)

with field trip: approx. 800 EUR (1000 CHF)

without field trip: approx. 600 EUR (750 CHF) 

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