American Medical Club of Lausanne (North America)

The American Medical Club of Lausanne is an Alumni Association (North America) made up of physicians, practicing and living in North America. All  graduated at UNIL in the fifty’s.

Meetings are held annually since 1993, alternately in the USA or Canada with reunions in the even numbered years in Lausanne, usually in the month of May. The meetings consist of a 4 day program of scientific and social events.

Annual dues are $25.-. 

The Association established the Bourse Marie Lavanchy in 1994, in the name of the secretary of the Medical School at the University who retired in 1967, and who was instrumental in helping many of the foreign students:

  • Contributions are voluntary.
  • The bourse has been used to aid a student in need or a faculty member requiring funds to assist in completion of training.
  • Awards are made under direction of the FBM Décanat.

Download the formular to apply to the Marie Lavanchy Fund

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Lausanne Medical School Alumni Association (North America)
President: Z. Charles Fixler, M.D.
E-mail: docfixler (at)

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