Benefits & career impact

Why obtain this dual degree?

The financial crisis has demonstrated that successful asset and wealth management professionals need a renewed understanding of the finance and investment principles and models in order to make sound decisions. Executives cannot lead successfully without a deep understanding of the modern finance concepts driving product and investment strategies.

This dual degree program offers a solid grounding in the fundamentals that drive investment performance as well as a firm grasp of how to translate these fundamentals into innovative businesses. The program, taught by some of the world’s premier finance professors, researchers and practitioners, is designed specifically for leaders in institutional and private wealth management. It is aimed at business executives who have significant product, client, or line management responsibilities as well as managers seeking to round out their investment management knowledge. The program balances investment management models and insights from leading academics with the practical skills central to the daily work of institutional and private wealth leaders to create a masters program that goes far beyond a traditional Executive MBA.

Benefits and career impact

Together, these two prestigious degrees represent the pinnacle of professional study in the field of asset and wealth management.

This dual degree program provides the credentials, the knowledge, and the analytical skills and tools you need to continue to excel and rise throughout your career. As a graduate, you can be sure that the program has enabled you to:

  • Become a leader in the financial services marketplace;
  • Develop a deep and lasting understanding of the fundamental concepts driving wealth and asset management;
  • Gain an integrated view of modern finance, structured around asset and wealth management, that includes corporate finance, financial engineering, and risk management;
  • Learn to integrate key non-finance concepts, such as wealth planning, taxation and legal asset structuring, to enhance the value of your financial services;
  • Enhance your leadership skills as they apply specifically to financial services management;
  • Understand how to convert financial concepts into specific businesses;
  • Drive innovation and deliver superior financial services to both institutional and private clients.
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