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Our dual degree program targets executives with 10 – 15 years experience in the financial services industry. You have demonstrated your high potential by having achieved a position with significant responsibility.

You are:

  • An investment manager for private or institutional assets, managing individual portfolios, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity or venture capital funds;
  • A business executive seeking to gain a lasting understanding of asset and wealth management as a platform on which to build the rest of your career;
  • A professional with an already impressive product or client responsibility, eager to assume an even more senior role by deepening your grasp of modern financial concepts and business practices;
  • A key account manager for high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations, or institutional clients;
  • A financial engineer, risk manager or corporate finance expert seeking to diversify your skills;
  • From a related field looking to move into asset or wealth management or diversify your expertise

In each case you are looking for an understanding beyond the pure facts – you are looking for business insights, conceptual models and practical tools that will last a lifetime.

You want to:

  • Obtain leading-edge insight into modern investment concepts;
  • Explore sophisticated analytical approaches used to optimize portfolio performance and manage risks;
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of modern products and financial structures in order to satisfy your clients’ risk/reward goals;
  • Master the legal and regulatory alternatives which are becoming a key determinant of business success;
  • Develop managerial tools and practices.
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