Team members

portrait christine legner

Full Professor

Christine Legner

Christine Legner is a Full Professor of Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), University of Lausanne. Previously, she has served as Chair of Enterprise Systems and Electronic Business at European Business School (Wiesbaden, Germany) and was visiting researcher at INSEAD (France). Dr. Legner received a post-doctoral qualification (Habilitation) and doctorate from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), an M.S. in Economics from Université Paris–Dauphine (France), and a Diploma in Industrial Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe (Germany).

Her research interests relate to business information systems, with a particular focus on the role of innovative information technologies as enablers for organizational change, both within enterprises and across their entire value network. She has practical and academic experience in designing information systems for global organizations and value chains. She has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals and conference proceedings on business networking, B2B integration, enterprise architecture management and service-oriented architectures. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Management Information Systems, the Journal of the AIS, the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, the International Journal of Technology Management, and Electronic Markets, among others.

portrait kazem haki

Doctoral researcher

Kazem Haki

Kazem Haki is a PhD student in Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), University of Lausanne. He holds a B.Sc. in business administration and M.Sc. in IT management from the University of Tehran, Iran. He had the opportunity to join Magfa ITDC, assumed its responsibility to play a major role in globalizing the Iranian ICT Industry through offering ICT products and services to variety of clients in the local and international markets. He worked for Magfa ITDC as deputy manager of ICT consultancy department and project manager of several Enterprise Architecture (EA) projects. He published several papers in various journals and conference proceedings on IT strategy, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). Currently, his research concentrates on different approaches of EAM design and their respective design principles.

portrait thomas boillat

Doctoral researcher

Thomas Boillat

Thomas Boillat is interested in how technology shapes new business models. While working as a junior project manager at swissnex Boston, he explored this interest by building research collaborations between American and Swiss universities and companies. As a current Ph.D. student at the University of Lausanne, he is investigating the issues that companies face when they adopt disruptive technology.

He recently completed a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Lausanne’s School of Business and Economics (HEC). In addition to his expertise in information systems. He also has experience in engineering and management and plans to incorporate them into his research and career.

portrait andrea giessmann

Research Associate

Andrea Giessmann

Andrea Giessmann is a Ph.D. student in Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), University of Lausanne. She holds a master’s degree in Information Engineering and Management of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and works as a Research Associate at the SAP Research Center St. Gallen, Switzerland. Before joining SAP she gained experience in system analysis and migration as well as technical project management at ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany. Her main research interests include cloud computing, platform as a service and platform-based business models.

portrait kenny lienhard

Doctoral researcher

Kenny Lienhard

Kenny Lienhard is a PhD student in Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC), University of Lausanne. Previously, he has worked as a software developer at Legon Informatics Inc., where he collaborated with physicians from national and international hospitals to design customized mobile applications for routine patient care. Mr. Lienhard received a M.Sc. in Information Systems from the University of Lausanne and a B.Sc. in Media Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.

He continues to study the impact of disruptive information technologies on organizations’ viability and the companies’ need to transform and adapt themselves to these new paradigms. Currently, his research focuses on mobile computing as an enabler to provide well-designed software tools in complex and knowledge-intensive organizational routines.