Xmas Apéro !

Last Wednesday, arriving at the Génopode, you may have been suprised. In the night, small elves had transformed the lift in a special “Christmas lift”, full of decorations, music and lights.

If you want to buy the CAOS calendar –> email: caos@unil.ch

The calendar is 20.- CHF. (15.- for CAoS members)

Halloween Apero!

Last friday, you may have seen orange people, witches, irish vampires, big orange carnivorous plants and other monsters strolling about the CIG.

All these strange people have reach the G-point for the first CAOS-Halloween apéro! (Somebody told me that the Death was here too… brrrrr). Pumpkin food and orange juice, everything was there to celebrate halloween in an orange way. Fortunately all these monsters are now at the bottom of a closet, waiting next year to return to the next CAOS-Halloween apéro!

Welcome to this blog

Hello everybody,

and welcome to the official CIG Association Of Scientists website.

In the top menu you can find links to the pages of the differents committees. You’ll there learn about their goals, activities and members. You can also find a link to display in a more detailed view the calendar you already have in the sidebar.

This blog will contain in the future several posts concerning the activities of CAOS, the incoming events, the day-to-day life within the CIG, scientific discoveries and other surprises. Every motivated person who wants to share some scientific news, discoveries or to relay some interesting manifestations in the Lausanne area is free to contact us to consider his authorship to this blog.

Have a nice visit and stay tuned!