D.Day 2012

Selected talks from abstracts

Paris Jafari
« Deleterious effects of metabolites accumulating in methylmalonic aciduria and glutaric aciduria type I on competent rat 3D primary reaggregated brain »

Sonia Domingos-Pereira
« Intravaginal TLR agonists increase local vaccine-specific CD8 T-cells and human papillomavirus-associated genital-tumor regression in mice »

Caroline Kizilyaprak
« Optimization of biological sample preparation for 3-D electron microscopy »

Vincent Croset
« Molecular and neuronal organisation of Ionotropic Receptor (IR) taste pathways in Drosophila larva »

Emanuele Scacchi
« Positional Information by Differential Endocytosis Splits Auxin Response to Drive Arabidopsis Root Meristem Growth »

Abstracts of keynote speakers

Abstracts of keynote speakers are now available on the webpage « program »!

Schedule of D.Day 2012

Meeting venue

Auditorium « Auguste Tissot »
Main Hospital Building, 8th Floor
Bugnon 21
CH-1011 Lausanne


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Quartier UNIL-Sorge
1015 Lausanne
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