08:30   Registration and Posters pin up
  09:00   Welcome

Chair: Ludovic Pilloux
  09:10   “Ocular drug delivery: Past, present and future” Prof. Francine Behar-Cohen
  10:00   “microRNAs contribute to Postnatal Pancreatic Beta-cell Maturation” Cécile Jacovetti
  10:20   Coffee break and Poster session (odd numbers)

Chair: Mati Moyat
  10:55   “Sex-chromosome differentiation and gonadal development in the common frog” Nicolas Rodrigues
  11:15   “On the origin of multicellularity: lessons from the unicellular prehistory of animals” Dr. Arnau Sebé-Pedrós

12:05 Lunch

Chair: Mathieu Chevalier
  13:35   “On the road towards an HIV Cure” Prof. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
  14:35   “Peptidoglycan precursors are required for the assembly of the chlamydial division septum” Dr.Nicolas Jacquier
  14:55   “Tumor cells respond rapidly to CTL attack” Natalie Neubert
  15:15   Coffee break and Poster session (even numbers)

Chair: Aleksandar Vjestica
  15:50   “Highly Efficient Establishment of Conditional Knockout Cell Lines by CRISPR- Cas9-Mediated Genome Engineering” Patricia Renck Nunes
  16:10  “Helping Darwin to get a Cell paper” Prof. Kevin Verstrepen

  17:00   Presentation and Poster Awards
  20:00   Speakers dinner in café Java