The Jacobs Foundation supports financially 15 PhD students within the framework of collaboration with EADP, to attend the 16th European Conference ECDP

Jacobs Foundation Fellowships

Application procedure for posters accepted for a presentation at the 16th European Conference on Developmental Psychology

The European Association of Developmental Psychology (EADP) and the Early Researchers Union (ERU) congratulate all PhD students, whose posters were accepted for presentation at the 16th European Conference on Developmental Psychology in Lausanne and invite them to apply for the Jacobs Foundation Fellowships.

A total of 15 fellowships will be divided into 8 fellowships offered to young researchers in recognition of their excellent work, independently of their country of origin, and 7 to young researchers from economically developing countries. Only members of the EADP can be recipients of the fellowships, therefore, please make sure to complete your membership application before or upon being selected for the fellowship.


Send the following documents in English, saved as Word (.docx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.

1.    Your biosketch and contact information (up to 100 words, labeled yourname.bio)
2.    A short description of your dissertation topic (up to 500 words, labeled yourname.research)
3.    A pdf poster file including the complete poster layout (labeled yourname.poster).

Send the files, by email, to the secretary of the ERU, Radosveta Dimitrova (R.Dimitrova@uvt.nl)

Applications must be received by April 30th May 25th 2013.  All applications received by that date will be evaluated by board members of the EADP and the ERU with notifications emailed by May 30th June 25th 2013.

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