XVth ESEB Meeting, Lausanne

The Department of Ecology and Evolution of the University of Lausanne is delighted to organise the 2015 meeting of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology.  It will be held on August 10th-14th 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Abstract submission and conference registration are now open (see our Guidelines for further details). Registering will also give you access to a networking tool aimed at facilitating contacts between participants.


Meeting overview

The venue for the 2015 meeting will be the campus of the University of Lausanne. Due to space constraints, attendance is limited to 1400 participants, on a first-come, first-served basis.

A welcome reception will take place on Sunday August 9 in front of the Palais de Rumine in the heart of the Lausanne city.

The official program, beginning on Monday August 10, will consist of a series of parallel sessions running throughout the 5 days (except for Wednesday afternoon). There will be some 300 oral presentations fitting within the 35 symposiums selected by our Scientific Committee. We will also have poster sessions associated with the different symposiums, five plenary talks, as well as two lectures by the 2014 and 2015 winners of the John Maynard Smith Prize.

The Wednesday afternoon will be available to visit the Lausanne region. You can get an overview of the possibilities proposed by visiting the page dedicated to excursions.

A conference dinner will be organized on the final evening of the conference on Friday August 14. It will take place on the University campus in front of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Due to space constraints, it will be limited to 1000 participants. A conference bar will be available downtown during evenings, in the Casino de Montbenon.

As part of our sustainability initiatives, we strongly encourage participants involved in international networks to take the opportunity of ESEB 2015 to organize their own satellite workshops, in order to reduce traveling costs and improve carbon balance (see Guidelines for details).

Free childcare will be provided on the campus over the whole conference.

Note that both ESEB and SSE offer travel stipends to support participation of student members from economically disadvantaged countries. We will advertize them in due time.

The organisers of ESEB 2015 acknowledge the concern on gender balance and wish to ensure that symposia selected for ESEB in Lausanne draw participants (both invited and those selected for inclusion when abstracts are reviewed) as broadly as possible to reflect the full research strengths of the fields represented.

We look forward to seeing you all there and welcoming you to Switzerland!



Nicolas Perrin, on behalf of the ESEB2015 organizing committee.