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Welcome to the website of the Infancy Gospels Research Program, organized by professors in New Testament and Early Christian Literature of French-speaking Swiss universities : Claire Clivaz (Unil), Andreas Dettwiler (Unige), Luc Devillers (Unifr), Enrico Norelli (Unige), and funded by the CUSO-Theology.

“While the traditions concerning the birth of Jesus have always figured prominently in culture, art and Chrisitan piety, the so-called ‘Infancy Gospels’ have been somewhat neglected in modern research, being viewed as they are as legendary or belonging to folk literature. The aim of this research seminar is to reconsider the canonical and apocryphal traditions on the infancy of Jesus, taking the themes of the identity embodied in the discourses and the multiple ways of reading the texts (historical, narrative, psychoanalytical, feminist, artistic, liturgical readings, and so on).”