Field trip


The field trip will take place around the Nufenen pass and the Simplon pass in the Central Alps of Switzerland.

We will leave Lausanne in the afternoon of July 18th and drive to Ulrichen, which is a small village located between the Grimsel and Nufenen pass in central Switzerland. We will stay there for two nights and the participants will be distributed in two to three hotels.

On Thursday, 19th July, we will make a hike (around 350 height meters) traversing deformed authochtonuous sediments. We will go up a creek to a dam and we will be on a moderately steep section with nearly continuous outcrop, starting at around 2000m and finishing at the dam wall around 2350m. We are not on a usual walking path, so you will need good mountain boots.

On Friday, 20th July, we will drive up to the Simplon pass and have a look at deformed rocks around the Simplon fault/detachment. We will visit outcrops along the road or walk along hiking paths.

We will be back in Lausanne around 7pm on Friday 20th.


We are in the high mountains often above 2000m and Alpine weather is not always predictable. You should definitely have a rain jacket and good pullover with you, as well as both a sunhat and a warmer hat just in case.

In case of very, very bad weather we will only visit outcrops along roads.