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The GeoMod conference will take place from 15 to 20 of July 2012 in LausanneThe three-day workshop from 16 to 18 of July will take place at the campus of the University of Lausanne.

The two-day field trip from 19 to 20 of July will take place in the Alps.

GeoMod is a biennial international conference focusing on modelling in Geosciences. Previous conferences took place in Lisbon (2010), Florence (2008), Lucerne (2004) and Milan (2002).
The main aim is to discuss and present the latest ideas, methods and results of laboratory, analytical and numerical modelling of geological processes. A particular focus will be on controversial topics and natural observations that are explained by different models.
GeoMod2012 wants to bring together junior and senior researchers from both Academia and Industry.
GeoMod2012 is organized as a three days workshop (Mo-We) with invited talks and a poster session with posters on display throughout the entire three days. The workshop is followed by a two day (Thu-Fr) field trip in the Alps.

You can download the conference flyer here.

Registration is now open, you can register here.
Abstract submission remains open here.

GeoMod 2012 is being made possible with the support of the following organizations: