On January 19 and 20, 2012, the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) will be holding its second annual conference.

With an ever-increasing life span, there is more and more social responsibility of institutional investors and pension funds to allocate their funds in an optimal manner. The allocation needs to be made on a long-term basis, where the institutional investor needs to take the possible evolution of financial markets into account. The main objective of the conference is to disseminate recent research developments in the domain of long-term asset management at financial institutions and pension funds.

The conference is organized around the following main themes:

• Pension funds and managing retirement savings
• Long-term strategic asset allocation
• Long-term managers and their performances
• Inflation-indexed bonds

It will bring together the following key academic speakers:

– Professor Amit Goyal, HEC Lausanne
– Professor Didier Maillard, CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers)
– Professor Michael Rockinger, HEC Lausanne
– Professor Peter Schotman, Maastricht University
– Professor Chester Spatt, CMU, Tepper School of Business
– Professor Luis Viceira, Harvard Business School
– Professor Bas Werker, Tilburg University

Our conference partner for 2012, Amundi Asset Management is also active in this domain. Some of its research will be presented by Bastien Drut and Marielle de Jong.

In addition, a panel discussion will take place with practitioners expert in the field of long term and institutional investments. It will be moderated by Frédéric Lelièvre, Head of the Economics & Finance Section, Le Temps.