An article summurizing the event has been published in the March edition of The Actuary (page 11) as well as in the Bernoulli news (page 11)

Pictures are available here and here.

Workshop for young researchers taking place on January 27th to February 1st 2013 in Switzerland.

This international workshop is targeted to young researchers (PhD students and researchers, academics, practitioners within 5 years after PhD) working on current actuarial science topics. It focuses on two main areas of research of today’s insurance risk:

Longevity Risk
Risk Theory

These disciplines have developed independently for many years, but in the new life insurance context (i.e. variable annuities, unit-linked products) they start to converge in a rapid way. Thus their independent tools and approaches need to be combined, forcing researchers to learn each other languages to answer the current insurance risk questions.

Young researchers across disciplines, such as actuarial science, demography, insurance, mathematics, statistics, epidemiology, biology, economics are encouraged to participate, present and freely discuss among each others their most relevant questions in their specific fields. Invited experts from academia and practice will be available for feedback and will provide opening and closing remarks.