Why are Sexuality and LGBTQ Organizing Political Issues in the Palestinian Context?

Ramzy Kumsieh est un militant palestinien, membre de l’association Al-Qaws pour la diversité sexuelle et de genre dans la société palestinienne, et participe activement à la campagne Palestinian Queers for BDS (appel de la société civile palestinienne au boycott, au désinvestissement et aux sanctions contre l’apartheid et l’occupation de la Palestine)

This talk will introduce the complexity of sexuality and LGBTQ organizing in the Palestinian context and liberation struggle. It will explore the various factors that make queer organizing in specific a major political issue, both in terms of local and international dynamic, power and interests. A major theme will be Israel’s strategy of « pink-washing » – seeking legitimacy and justifying attacks on Palestinians by claiming that it has a good record on LGBTQ rights. The discussion on how we fight for liberation and oppose imperialism as interlinked strategies is a crucial one for growing debate about international queer solidarity

Jeudi 25 octobre
16h – 17h45
Amphimax, salle 415
Panel – Les sexualités en mouvements

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