Welcome to the 14th International Conference on Pseudomonas

The Pseudomonas Congress returns to Lake Geneva, Switzerland! The very first Pseudomonas Congress took place in Geneva in 1986 and was entitled “Genetic manipulation of Pseudomonads: applications in biotechnology and medicine”. After a highly successful series of international meetings, the next Pseudomonas Conference will be held in Lausanne from September 7 to 11, 2013, some 60 km from the cradle in Geneva.

The emphasis of Pseudomonas research has not changed much during these years: the ubiquity and the amazing metabolic abilities of the genus Pseudomonas as well as the complex virulence mechanisms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa continue to fascinate researchers around the globe. P. aeruginosa is still a dangerous pathogen in cystic fibrosis and in mechanically ventilated patients. What has changed are the sophisticated tools that allow molecular insight into these diverse functions.

Please have a look at the programme. Keynote lectures, oral presentations, short talks and posters will offer plenty of opportunities for scientists of all levels to learn about recent advances in this dynamic area of research.

Lausanne has a pleasant neighbourhood with numerous tourist attractions. The organizers hope that many participants of the Pseudomonas Conference 2013 will find the time to explore the natural beauty and recreational facilities of the region.

Please address any question about the Congress to Martine.Moreillon@unil.ch

The organizers look forward to seeing the Pseudomonas community gather in Lausanne in 2013.

Dieter Haas

(On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee)

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