Invited speakers

We are thrilled to present our plenary speakers:

Stéphanie Trigg (University of Melbourne)

Professor Trigg is an internationally renowned expert on the literature of Chaucer. She is a Chief Investigator and Program Leader in the Australian Research Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions 1100-1800.

Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster University)

Professor Culpeper is one of the most eminent scholars in Interpersonal Pragmatics, Stylistics, and the History of English. He has scrutinized the emotional dimensions of impoliteness.

Paul Stenner (Open University)

As a social psychologist Prof Stenner is one of the leading experts on the Affective Turn in the sciences and social sciences. His research bridges the analysis of psychosocial processes and critical theory.

Nancy Armstrong (Duke University)

Professor Armstrong is an international expert on the novel in eighteenth and nineteenth-century literatures and cultures in English. She has investigated affective dimensions of literature in the light of the limits of individualism.