Welcome to the website of the Statistical Genetics Group! We are interested in the development of statistical methodologies in order to decipher the genetic architecture of complex human traits. Although our main focus is Genome-Wide Association Studies, we devise integrative analysis tools for different omics data to enhance our understanding of the genetic network of the human genome.

Projects & Collaborators

1. Development of statistical methodologies tackling the ”missing heritability’”

      • Uncertain genotype associations (with Toby Johnson, Sven Bergmann)
      • Estimating the explained variance distribution (with John Whittaker, Sven Bergmann)
      • Age- & sex-specific associations (GIANT consortium)
      • Assessing allelic heterogeneity (with David Lamparter, Clive Hoggart, Georg Ehret, John Whittaker)

2. Complex traits

      • Cardiovascular traits (with Murielle Bochud, Peter Vollenweider)
      • Taste sensitivity (with Ulrich Genick, Sven Bergmann)
      • Transferrin (with Pedro Marques-Vidal, John Whitfield)

3. Diseases

      • Hepatitis C (with Pierre-Yves Bochud)
      • Narcolepsy (with Mehdi Tafti)
      • HIV (with Jacques Fellay, Amalio Telenti)

4. Metabolomics (with Rico Rueedi, Sven Bergmann)
5. Exome sequencing (with Brian Stevenson, Ioannis Xenarios, Jacques Beckmann)
6. Copy Number Variant (CNV) associations (with Aurelien Mace, Sebastien Jacquemont, Alexandre Reymond, Jacques Beckmann)