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SPACE projects

The Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics, better known as SPACE (Statistiques P√©nales Annuelles du Conseil de l’Europe), include two related projects. SPACE I provides data on imprisonment and penal institutions in Council of Europe Member States. Information on non-custodial sanctions and measures are collected under the project SPACE II.

Data are collected by means of two questionnaires sent every year to the Penitentiary administrations and to the Probation authorities (or equivalent bodies of the Ministries of Justice).

Data collection and validation, which involve a multilevel counterchecking of figures, are undertaken at the University of Lausanne. Nowadays, the scientific staff working in SPACE projects is composed by :

Marcelo F. Aebi, PhD Criminology, Professor

Natalia Delgrande, BA & MA History and Psychology, MA Criminology

Julien Chopin, BA Law, MA Criminology

The SPACE projects have become part of an extensive European network. In each country, national correspondents are highly qualified staff employed at the National and/or regional administrations. Permanent contacts and exchanges with them are enriched by the collaboration with many international bodies (e.g. UNODC, International Centre for Prison Studies, EMCDDA, CEP)