Final program of the meeting

You can download the program of the meeting here: SPTM Program

The theme of the annual meeting will be:

“Interpretation from intelligence to courtroom”

We hope to provide a vivid forum to present and debate recent issues related to interpretation of marks evidence, not only when such evidence is used in court, but also when forensic mark examination provides investigative leads and contribute to police intelligence. Marks are regularly used as evidence and as such recent challenges and court decision have changed the landscape of interpretation. In addition, marks offer investigative potential that is too often neglected due to various organizational and judicial constraints. The 2011 annual meeting is an ideal opportunity to touch down on these matters. It is planned that this forum will explore all interpretation issues in such a wider perspective.

In addition of course, all contributions in relation to marks in general will allow updating all practitioners in this area. The conference is open to all forensic scientists interested by the examination of marks and impressions (outside friction ridge skin impressions). Attendance is open to delegates from ENFSI laboratories (as members) and to delegates not associated with ENFSI laboratories (as associate members or guest members). Note that business sessions will be open only to ENFSI members.

Local Arrangement

Lectures and poster sessions will be held at the Génopode Building of the University of Lausanne, which is right next to our forensic building called Batochime.

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