Workshops (6th of September 2011)

Three activities will be offered during the 6th of September. They will start in the morning at 09h30.

  1. A one-day practical workshop on Interpreting footwear mark evidence by C. Champod. A. Girod and J. Pasquier.

    Cost: CHF 100.–, including the teaching material, meal and coffee breaks.The aim of this workshop is to practice through cases the general principles of evidence interpretation, including the establishment of propositions, the concept likelihood ratio, the management of multiple marks, the use of databases in relation to general design and the choice of a scale of conclusions.

    It will also be used as a forum to discuss the recent Court of Appeal decision in England and Wales (R v T., Court of Appeal – Criminal Division, [2010] EWCA Crim 2439).

  2. An opportunity to take the IAI Certification test.Cost: CHF  50.— to cover meal and coffee breaks. BEWARE: The test fees are not included and need to be processed directly through the IAI.

    All information can be found on . It includes the general requirements for the IAI certification, certification process and the application form and instructions to the Applicant.  All interested parties will need to submit the required paperwork to the IAI not later than July 06, 2011 in order to go through the necessary qualification review.
    For questions or concerns in relation to the IAI certification examination, feel free to contact Rodney Schenck .

  3. The Swiss working group on earprint evidence will have their annual meeting. This meeting brings Swiss practitioners together to exchange on the current activities in their services and in the field. The group will welcome any SPTM member for that day. The day is organized by Melinda Zingg from the Police cantonale vaudoise ( to that meeting are also encouraged.

    Cost: CHF  50.—to cover meal and coffee breaks.









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