Welcome to the Open Workshop on disaster risk reduction in international development website.

This Workshop will take placeĀ at the end of november (23-25 november), in the University of Lausanne. During these three days, researchers, practitioners and students will interact through presentations, workshops, and case studies, on the theme of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the context of development.

This Workshop is part of the Master of Science in Environmental Geosciences program of the University of Lausanne. It is also open to master and PhD students from all Swiss Universities and Polytechnical Schools interested in the field of disaster risk reduction.

Human activities are threatened by natural hazards, inducing risks. This situation is especially true in emerging economies, where rapid growth conflicts with natural systems as well as in developing countries where coping capacities are very limited. For example, when urban growth occurs in exposed areas, new risks are created. Looking at Dharan (Nepal), this development takes place in the active alluvial plain of a river, in only 5 years.

Dharan (Nepal) in 2004 (left, GoogleEarth) and in 2009 (right, GeoEye), from Sudmeier, 2011

Development endeavours, including those of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, are often at risks. The integration of the notion of risk, and, with limited resources, their sound assessment and necessary reduction measures remains a challenge.

This workshop brings together the know-how and experience of the SDC and the scientific methods developped at IGAR.


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